About Us

Evercraft is an application-only, Minecraft Bedrock SMP that features a thriving diamond economy, a dedicated mod team, some fun plugins, and an amazing community! Content creators are welcome. You can find us on YouTube, reddit, Twitter, Discord, and more!

Evercraft was founded in September of 2019. We originally recruited solely through reddit, and so many of our original members are from around the reddit communities like /r/MCPE, /r/MinecraftOne, and /r/Realms. Eventually we expanded our presence and started recruiting through our own website, Twitter, YouTube, and partnerships with other Discord servers.

Today, Evercraft’s Discord has more than 160 members, and over 40 whitelisted players! We are an active community with a mostly 18+ player-base, though we have and do make exceptions for mature players between the ages of 13-18. Although we are based out of North America, we have members and staff from all around the world. We also have regular in game events to engage and immerse players.


Q: Can I play on Java Edition?
A: Check out Vox SMP for playing on Java Edition!

Q: Can I play on Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch?
A: Yes! We have our own private BedrockConnect node to allow our console users to seamlessly connect to Evercraft.

Q: How do I join?
A: Short answer: join our Community Discord and get to know us! For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Q: Can I join without using Discord?
A: No. Since it’s founding Evercraft has used Discord as it’s primary place to post rules, updates, and other important information about the server. Staying in the Discord server is the only way to stay on the whitelist.

Q: Do you have to be 18 to join?
A: No. In the past Evercraft had an 18+ only rule, but currently our only requirements are 13+ (required to legally use Discord) and that you mesh with the community.

Q: Can I make videos on Evercraft?
A: Yes! Content creators of all kind are welcomed on Evercraft. To find out more, check out our Creator Program.

Our History

Sep. 2019 – Evercraft v1 Launches

Evercraft started small as a group of Minecrafters from around reddit. Back in September of 2019, I put out my first “Looking for Players” post on reddit with nothing more than a bare bones world and a freshly created Discord server. We have been growing consistently through the same grassroots methods ever since.

Oct. 2019 – First Dragon Kill

Over a month after our initial launch, we planned and organized a group Ender Dragon slaying event. The realm was completely full for the event, and the beast quickly fell. After the fight many brave explorers ventured into the void to bring back elytra and shulkers for sale. After this event Evercraft v1 began to develop at a much more rapid pace thanks to the vastly increased player mobility.

Nov. 2019 – Evolution to Vanilla+

In just two short months Evercraft had developed from a new realm to an active and thriving community. Our Discord server grew to accommodate our player base, and we started to develop our democracy system. One of our first votes was whether or not we would continue pure vanilla, or give up achievements in favor of “Vanilla+” plugins. The community overwhelmingly voted to go Vanilla+ and our realm evolved from there.

Nov. 2019 – EverFlat (BETA)

Since a recent update to Minecraft was causing major issues with our standard survival realm, I began looking into creative ways to run an ultra-lightweight world that would still captivate players. The result was a superflat survival world where you could mine cobblestone to sell to a server shop, and in return buy items and special power ups. Overall the project was a success but is temporarily shelved.

Dec. 2019 – Evercraft v1 Closes

Due to the continued issues on realms following the MCBE 1.13 update, Evercraft v1.1 was forced to come to an unexpected close. Even after the deadly nether portal glitch was patched, realm “rollbacks” got so bad, that at their peak a “rollback” would occur every 15 minutes.

Dec. 2019 – North Haven Forge

During the 2 month period between the closure of v1 and the opening of v2, one of our moderators at the time opened a pure-vanilla realm called North Haven Forge. This realm acted as a sister realm where most of our community played on during the downtime. The realm focused heavily on themed builds and towns, and brought a lot of talented builders into our community. The main town on the realm, North Haven, heavily inspired the aesthetic of Evercraft, and is also the reason Evercraft uses our “towns” system today.

Feb. 2020 – Evercraft v2 Launches

Evercraft v2 was originally planned to launch at the beginning of January 2020, but due to a number of setbacks, was delayed until mid February. When the realm finally did launch, new moderators were brought on and within a month our playerbase doubled in size.

Mar. 2020 – The Economy is Booming

While v1 definitely had a number of shops, the cramped nature of Greenstone city really hampered too many businesses from opening. With the highly structured nature of version two’s nether hub network, it was easy to set aside a large area for shopping that anyone could reach in just a minute or two. With this huge advantage, our economy exploded.

Apr. 2020 – Civil War

A reaper of souls and a ruthless businessman collide… and boy did things escalate quickly.

Apr. 2020 – Peace achieved

After the war ended, business was booming, and an influx of new players brought even more creative shops to our shopping area. As it continued to expand, it became the de facto heart of the realm, where people would meet to make trades, sit around in Mute’s coffee shop, meet up for projects, and just about everything else you could think of.

May 2020 – Evercraft v2 Closes

Due primarily to a certain global health crisis, many people all of the sudden had a lot more time to play Minecraft. A big portion of our playerbase took this time to play more on the realm, and we consistently were capping out the realm. During this time countless epic builds were constructed, but after a few very active weeks, the effects of burnout started to set in, and one by one most of the player base went on hiatus.

Jun. 5th 2020 – Evercraft v3 Launches

After a short week of downtime, Evercraft v3 came back with a bang. To build hype for the upcoming Nether Update, we have installed a couple special modifications to create a truly unique experience. Version three actually takes place in a time before the nether exists.
Portals will fail to light, and as a result nether materials are much harder to find… but not impossible. Luckily for us, there are time travellers wandering around who might be willing to sell you what you need… for a steep price. Additionally, without nether network travel, unconventional methods of travel like boats and horses are once again relevant. As well as elytra being even more important than ever.

Jun. 24th 2020 – The Nether Opens

With the release of MCBE 1.16, v3 transitioned to v3.1. PortalWarden has been disabled, opening up access to the nether. An advanced nether network has been established, and some shops have even begun to be built directly in the nether hub. Our custom traders plugin has been updated with more relevant trades to reflect the new materials in the nether update. We’ve also decommissioned our custom LagClear system since mob despawning has been fixed.

Jun. 30th 2020 – Our First Promo Video

Sep. 4th 2020 – Evercraft v3.5

Evercraft v3.5, or The HD Update added a comprehensive graphical overhaul to the server, including 32x textures, connected grass, and console-shaders.

Jan. 3rd 2021 – Evercraft s4 Launches

Following a jam-packed 7 month run, v3 began to wind down. After a prominent bug was released by Mojang, causing many players to fear going anywhere near a trading hall, the community decided it was time to reset once again. Unlike previous versions of Evercraft, there was no downtime between versions for the staff team to prep the world. This time around, all players could come on at once to help build up a spawn area and help mold the world for future players.

Season 4 would also mark the first time Evercraft ran on it’s own Bedrock Dedicated Server, instead of Mojang’s Realms. This is also why we changed our naming convention from “versions” to “seasons”.

Jan. 25th 2021 – Evercraft s4.1 Update

The s4.1 Update, called “The QoL Update” added a number of helpful tweaks and features to Evercraft including server performance optimizations, and a plethora of in-game modifications provided by BedrockTweaks.

Learn More.

Apr. 13th 2021 – Season 4 Cinematic Tour

Apr. 18th 2021 – Community Discord Server Launched

The Community server was created as a place for current members, former members, and prospective members to mingle and get to know each other in a casual environment. Previously, new members would join our Whitelist server directly and wouldn’t have access to most channels while applying. With the Community server, new and existing members can all access the same channels and get to know each other easily!

Apr. 24th 2021 – EverDark (Beta)

Like EverFlat, EverDark was a month-long limited time custom multiplayer gamemode that ran alongside our main SMP server. While EverFlat was a super chill version of Minecraft focusing on slow progression, EverDark went the opposite direction and was an ultra-hard anarcho-SMP experience. With no natural health regen, weaker player attacks, stronger mobs, sprinting creepers, very few rules, and no villagers to trade with, EverDark was a true wasteland that only the strongest could survive in.

Jul. 9th 2021 – Summer Season Launches

With the Minecraft 1.18 further delayed, and the actual caves and cliffs portion of the “Caves & Cliffs” update no where in site, we decided to bring Evercraft Season 4 to a close. Keeping with the tradition of last season, there was just an hour or two of downtime between seasons, and the Summer Season launched the same day. The Summer Season is planned to be shorter than normal, lasting just 3-6 months (until 1.18 is released), but may go longer depending on a community vote.

Jul. 26th 2021 – Summer Season: 2 Week Update Tour

With the End dimension inaccessible for the first 2 weeks due to our small world border, many players focused on gathering resources and building their first bases. Now that a portal has been constructed and players have begun zipping around with elytra and hoarding shulkers, let’s take a look at what projects have been started.

Aug. 7th 2021 – Summer Season: 4 Week Update Tour

With many players putting the finishing touches on their starter builds, players have started to branch out into building shops, landscaping, and more. In this episode let’s see what’s been accomplished so far in just a month!

Oct. 23rd 2021 – Summer Season: Halloween Special

Dec. 3rd 2021 – Evercraft on Hiatus

Vox SMP Promo

With the launch of Vox SMP, Evercraft has been put on hiatus so staff can focus on other ventures. The future direction of Evercraft will be decided after Vox’s inaugural season.

Summer 2022 – Evercraft Returns to Realms

Coming this Summer (US), Evercraft will be returning to form. For Season 5 we will be back on Mojang’s Realms service. Vox SMP will continue to support Bedrock users as much as possible, and continue offering a “big-server” experience with plugins and more. Meanwhile, the Evercraft Realm will offer a more streamlined, vanilla experience.