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Some of the things that make Evercraft truly unique. From interesting plugins, to an amazing community, we've got it all.

Wystler's Sailboat from Evercraft v1


We try to keep to the vanilla feel of Minecraft as much as possible. However, we've found a slightly modified expereience can benefit everyone. We implement a number of plugins and custom textures to try and imrpove the default Minecraft experience. Our modifications (for Evercraft v3) include...

  • 1-player sleep - Allows passing of night with one player sleeping
  • Custom Traders - Changes the wandering traders offers to custom trades
  • Craftable Blackstone - Makes blackstone renewable by adding a crafting recipe
Haley's Hobbit Hole from Evercraft v1

An amazing community

Evercraft has a comminity like no other you've ever seen. Originally from reddit, we banded together in September of 2019 and since then have grown togther to create something truly wonderful.

We are a mature community that is very respectful, funny, and helpful. We have Minecraft veterans, and players that just started within the last year. No matter your play style, you'll fit in.

  • Beautiful Spawn Area with Public Farms
  • Shopping District
  • Organized Towns
  • Community Events
SkyTheGuy's Mountain Lodge from Evercraft v1

Unparalleled Talent

With so many talented builders, landscapers, and technical players on Evercraft, you will never have a shortage of inspiration. From towering buildings, to intricately detailed cottages, advanced 0-tick machines and sorters, to beautifully landscaped terrains; every build has a life of it's own.

Little River Town from Evercraft v2

Organized Towns

Evercraft runs on a system of dispersed bases and organized towns. You can find your own area and build whatever crazy base you like, or settle in an established town and build on theme along with neighbors.

Whether you're a lone wolf or a socialite there's space for you! Want to build with neighbors but not finding a town that fits the theme you're thinking? Establish your own town and grow a community!

Discord Minigames

Discord Fun & Games

To keep you entertained when you're mining out a massive quarry, or working on your next mega-build, our Discord features lot of fun channels to keep you mining away happy!

  • Idle Miner Minigame
  • Rythm Bot to listen to music
  • Spicy memes channel
  • Fun voice channels

Content Creators

PristineFrog Gaming

Frequent uploads, quality content, mobile gameplay. Whether it's Minecraft, CoD Mobile, or Eve Echoes, Pristine has you covered.



My name is Evofyn and Im from Hungary. I play casually, but i like to start big projects :)



MrBoBo is too busy making fresh content to write a description right now.



Songcrafter25 is too busy making fresh content to write a description right now.



Epicider is too busy making fresh content to write a description right now.


More coming soon...

New players are joining every day. Will you be next? Find out below about some of the perks creators get from joining.

Creator Info

How to join

Looking to join our growing community? Well luckily we try to make it as easy to join as posssible, with a streamlined process. If you're interested in joining our main server, read below!

If you are interested in joining EndoCraft, our brother java server, you must join our main Evercraft Discord and be vetted to recieve an invite.

Wystler's Home Base from Evercraft v1


  • You must have a Discord account
  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must have Minecraft Bedrock edition (Xbox, Mobile, Switch, or Win10)
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The Process

  • Join our Discord server
  • Submit an application
  • After your application is reviewed, you will be given an Applicant rank so you can get to know our active members.
  • Depending on Staff availability, you will likely be asked to participate in a quick voice chat interview.
  • There will be a 24hr voting period for our active members to decide if they think you will be a good fit for our server.
  • If you recieve a majority yes vote, you will be invited on to the Server. Otherwise, you can reapply in 7 days.

Twitch and YouTube logos

Content Creators Welcome!

Whether you make content on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, or anything else we'd love for you to join our group! While it is not a requirement to be a content creator to join Evercraft or any of our partner server/realms we absolutley do encourage it. Perks include...

  • No commitments
  • Access to Evercraft branding including .PSD files, .XCF files, and our own custom texture pack
  • Automatic upload/livestream notifications to our entire Discord server
  • Trusted creators can request spectator mode access for camera accounts.
  • Access to an official @evercraftmc.com email address for use as a business or contact email.
  • Support from a growing community



Community Lead

My name is Evofyn or Simon, I am from Hungary and IRL I'm an actor.

In minecraft I enjoy building farms and useful things, my favourite thing to build is a Guardian farm but I have fun with every redstone project I start. I play Minecraft on my phone and my bigger secret is that I have auto jump on.


Events/Community Lead

Hello!! My name is Luxaiko but since my gt is Gears feel free to call me that!

My IGN is Gears the dorky, and Ive been playing minecraft for a solid 8 years! I draw a ton, but I am also very good with building, Ive been hired many times for builds on servers and such. Im also in love with the craft of brewing n farming! If you ever need a friend, Im here!

E Bo Placebo

Tech Lead

My in-game name is E Bo Placebo, but you can call me Ethan. I also go by emcpwns on Discord & Twitter.

I created Evercraft because I wanted a fun active Minecraft realm that was reliable. Since then a wonderful community has grown around it! I started playing Minecraft on Java version in early 2011, and when the Xbox360 version came out I switched to that and have played on the Xbox versions, and now Bedrock, since.



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My name is Janet and I've been playing Minecraft for about 3 years now, but I still feel new sometimes.

I also like playing The Sims 3 and 4, and any puzzle games. Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas are some other favorites of mine.


Greetings, my name is Chris, AKA PristineFrog, and i have been playing Mincecraft since 2018 via my cellphones. At the same time i started a YouTube channel to share my fun and content for anyone who wished to watch it.

In January 2020, I found and joined the Evercraft Realm after playing with one of its members during the transition to a new world for Evercraft and i have been a active member of the Evercraft Server ever since. I quickly made my way into the mod team thanks to the time, energy, effort, and chill i presented to its members and eventually made Sr. Mod. If you join the Server, or are already a part of it, I welcome you to a great community and look forward to building with you and the other members of the Server.


"My favorite part of Minecraft is building, and I have a need for beauty in builds haha. I like mining and doing grindy work.

I'm 22 years old, and have been playing video games since I was five or six. Some of the games I enjoy other than Minecraft are: Sims 4 (or any), Pokémon, Super Smash Bros, Fallout New Vegas, or anything Mario. My main will always be Minecraft though."


My name is Mute and I am an unbelievably successful businessman. I love building and doing business.

I worked on a few servers as a builder. I’ve been a pretty solid builder ever since I started playing this game about 9 years ago. If you ever need someone to vent all your problems to I’m a pretty good listener for that type of stuff. So yea.


My name is Luke or Magma in game. I like to build whatever crazy thing my imagination comes up with..

..ranging from Planet Express to a honey hotel to a giant beanstalk. I have been playing since 2012 off and on. Since the update Aquatic I have been playing much more then i used to and can not wait for the nether update.


Heya I'm Twisted, I like to spend way too many hours designing the most efficient farms on bedrock!


Hello there! The name’s Nathan, but you can call me by whatever you wish. I’ve been playing MC since TU3 on the Xbox 360 (and a bit before on MCPE Lite).

I’ve continued to play all these years, even when my friends stopped playing. I also enjoy racing games. You can find me on Discord, Xbox, and Reddit @TrickyTurtle410


"I spend a lot of my time running around trying to find fun places to build, or build unconventional things like a house shaped like ender man or a cow etc.

My preferred building material is Concrete because it’s so colourful and bright and I love its smooth nature :)"


"I've been playing minecraft on and off for roughly 3 years but recently got real into it after watching Grian and MumboJumbo on hermitcraft.

I'm OK at building rustic styles but trying my hand at modern builds. I work as a computer technician for a local company and been messing around with computer technology since the mid to late 90s. My favorite games are: Minecraft, Mass effect trilogy, skyrim, Elite Dangerous, and the Borderlands series."


"I'm a Navy veteran, been a civilian since 2014 and I'm enjoying every second of it!

Played minecraft way back in the day back when it was litterally place blocks and thats it. I think like 2010. And im amazed with how much its changed and love learning all the new mechanics. I like redstoning, fighting, exploring and would love to participate in some "big" builds! The crazier, the bigger, the more elaborate, the better!"

Our History

  • Evercraft v1

    September 2019

    Evercraft started small as a group of Minecrafters from around reddit. Back in September of 2019, I put out my first "Looking for Players" post on reddit with nothing more than a bare bones world and a bare bones Discord server. We have been growing consistently through the same grassroots methods ever since.

  • First Dragon Kill

    October 2019

    Over a month after our initial launch, we planned and organized a group Ender Dragon slaying event. The realm was completely full for the event, and the beast quickly fell. After the fight many brave explorers ventured into the void to bring back elytra and shulkers for sale. After this event Evercraft v1 began to develop at a much more rapid pace thanks to the vastly increased player mobility.

  • Evolution of Vanilla+

    November 2019

    In just two short months Evercraft had developed from a new realm to an active and thriving community. Our Discord server grew to accommodate our player base, and we started to develop our democracy system. One of our first votes was whether or not we would continue pure vanilla, or give up achievements in favor of "Vanilla+" plugins. The community overwhelmingly voted to go Vanilla+ and our realm evolved from there.

  • EverFlat (BETA)

    November 2019

    Since a recent update to Minecraft was causing major issues with our standard survival realm, I began looking into creative ways to run an ultra-lightweight world that would still captivate players. The result was a superflat survival world where you could mine cobblestone to sell to a server shop, and in return buy items and special power ups. Overall the project was a success but is temporarily shelved.

  • Evercraft v1 Closes

    December 2019

    Due to the continued issues on realms following the MCBE 1.13 update, Evercraft v1.1 was forced to come to an unexpected close. Even after the deadly nether portal glitch was patched, realm "rollbacks" got so bad, that at their peak a "rollback" would occur every 15 minutes.

    (This was likely due to world corruption caused by the portal glitch since Realms don't actually rollback, it's just the term we all use but it's not actually what is happening. Realms don't always update their cache particularly quickly, especially if they're having issues, and data often doesn't get saved in the database before the crash. Effectively causing a "rollback")

  • North Haven Forge

    December 2019

    During the 2 month period between the closure of v1 and the opening of v2, one of our moderators at the time opened a pure-vanilla realm called North Haven Forge. This realm acted as a sister realm where most of our community played on during the downtime. The realm focused heavily on themed builds and towns, and brought a lot of talented builders into our community. The main town on the realm, North Haven, heavily inspired the aesthetic of Evercraft, and is also the reason Evercraft uses our "towns" system today.

  • Evercraft v2

    February 2020

    Evercraft v2 was originally planned to launch at the beginning of January 2020, but due to a number of setbacks, was delayed until mid February. When the realm finally did launch, new moderators were brought on and within a month our playerbase doubled in size.

  • March 2020

    While v1 definitely had a number of shops, the cramped nature of Greenstone city really hampered too many businesses from opening. With the highly structured nature of version two's nether hub network, it was easy to set aside a large area for shopping that anyone could reach in just a minute or two. With this huge advantage, our economy exploded.
  • April 2020

    A reaper of souls and a ruthless businessman collide... and boy did things escalate quickly.

  • April 2020

    After the war ended, business was booming, and an influx of new players brought even more creative shops to our shopping area. As it continued to expand, it became the de facto heart of the realm, where people would meet to make trades, sit around in Mute's coffee shop, meet up for projects, and just about everything else you could think of.
  • May 2020

    Due primarily to a certain global health crisis, many people all of the sudden had a lot more time to play Minecraft. A big portion of our playerbase took this time to play more on the realm, and we consistently were capping out the realm. During this time countless epic builds were constructed, but after a few very active weeks, the effects of burnout started to set in, and one by one most of the player base went on hiatus.
  • June 2020

  • Evercraft v3

    June 5th 2020

    After a short week of downtime, Evercraft v3 came back with a bang. To build hype for the upcoming Nether Update, we have installed a couple special modifications to create a truly unique experience. Version three actually takes place in a time before the nether exists.

    Portals will fail to light, and as a result nether materials are much harder to find... but not impossible. Luckily for us, there are time travellers wandering around who might be willing to sell you what you need... for a steep price. Additionally, without nether network travel, unconventional methods of travel like boats and horses are once again relevant. As well as elytra being even more important than ever.

  • June 2020

    This beautiful yet highly functional spawn town was built fully in survival (Hard-mode) in about 4 days by justhaley0214, ThomRiddle8321, PristineFrog530, E Bo Placebo, & TrickyTurtle410.

  • Evercraft v3.1

    June 24th 2020

    With the release of MCBE 1.16, v3 transitioned to v3.1. PortalWarden has been disabled, opening up access to the nether. An advanced nether network has been established, and some shops have even begun to be built directly in the nether hub. Our custom traders plugin has been updated with more relevant trades to reflect the new materials in the nether update. We've also decommissioned our custom LagClear system since mob despawning has been fixed.

  • June 30th 2020

  • Evercraft v3.5

    September 4th 2020

  • Evercraft s4

    January 3rd 2021

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