s4.1 Update Changelog

The QoL Update

This update is scheduled to release some time on Jan 25, 2021, we will try to schedule the update to disrupt as few players as possible.

Server Changes

  • – Restart script has been updated to include a 3, 2, and 1 minute restart warning in addition to the existing 30s countdown.
  • (As of 1/24/2021) Compression threshold has been increased from 128 to 1024. This may increase player ping, but should significantly improve TPS. This is a temporary measure until Mojang fixes the BDS-2574 bug.
  • (as of 1/24/2021) Our VPS has been upgraded to:
    • 8GB RAM
    • 80GB SSD Storage
    • 8TB Bandwidth (DDoS Protected)
    • 5 vCores @ 3.4GHz+

All of the following tweaks are from BedrockTweaks, a fan-made port of VanillaTweaks from Java edition. The only changes we’ve made, are to make the “Addon tweaks” compatible with fsm_v3.0+OPS by FoxyNoTail, which normally conflict with each other.

Resource Tweaks

  • Yellow flowers on iron golems changed to red
  • Enchanting particles are now colorful
  • Bottle o’ enchanting now appear like splash variant potions
  • Lowered grass, mycelium, paths, podzol, snow, and crimson & warped nylium side textures to provide smoother landscapes.
  • Added block variations for common blocks like dirt, stone, planks, etc.
  • Kelp will now have a flower at the top if they’ve reached max age
  • Redstone tweaks: Sticky piston sides, better observers, directional hoppers, clean redstone dust
  • Reduced rain and snow particles
  • Removed glass borders for seamless glass
  • Added Chat tweaks (Gives better chat UI for mobile players)
  • Added numbers to hotbar slots
  • Made it so you can see visible locked trade items when trading with villagers
  • Made tooltips background transparent
  • Hid the annoying “how to play button” (How To Play is still accessible from menu)

Addon Tweaks

  • Disabled creeper, endermen, & ghast griefing
  • Shulkers will now always drop 2 shells
  • Phantoms that spawn on you get larger the longer you haven’t slept
  • Above-player nametags will grey out when the player is AFK
  • Graves will now drop on your death location
  • Thunder Shrines are now available, letting you sacrifice a nether star to summon a thunderstorm
  • Villagers will now have death messages

Crafting Tweaks

  • Droppers can now be converted to dispensers with the appropriate materials. 
  • Red sand/stone can now be crafted with dye
  • Any dyeable item can now be dyed to any other dyeable variant
  • Some “straight” recipes (bread, shulkers, etc) have been made shapeless so they can be crafted from your inventory.
  • Blackstone can now be substituted for cobblestone in all recipes
  • You can now smelt concrete power into its colored glass equivalent
  • You now get a more logical amount of trapdoors, bark blocks, & stairs from their respective crafting recipes.
  • Gravel is now craftable with flint
  • Coral blocks are now craftable
  • Blackstone is now craftable again