Evercraft Season 5 & Minecraft 1.19 Launches Today!

Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update is releasing today worldwide. Alongside it, Evercraft is returning from it’s 7-month hiatus, and returning to form by launching on Mojang’s Realms service again for the first time in 2 years. This is a show of confidence in the Bedrock team at Mojang, and we have full faith Realms will only continue to get better over time.

There are a lot of changes that will come with our move back to Realms, and the new 1.19 update in general. Read below for a fairly expansive list of changes that will be effecting you as an Evercrafter.

Changes to Rules, Recruiting, & Staff

  • Overall, Evercraft’s rules have been simplified to be less overbearing and strict. Generally speaking, just be a kind person and you’ll be fine.
  • We are doing away with official land claims. Just be courteous and talk to your neighbors before building near them. Make sure your themes/build styles will mesh, and be sure they don’t already have plans for the land.
  • Like our rules, our recruiting/onboarding process has been slimmed back significantly. We’ve removed obstacles like chat XP grinding, mandatory voice chat interviews, and long wait times. We will accordingly be actively moderating more to ensure all new users are following the rules. If you want to find out more on joining, check out our comprehensive guide for new SMP members!
  • This season we’re welcoming two new Realm moderators, Aerin and HalfMacaroon! We are looking to bring 2-3 more Realm moderators on for the season in the months after launch.

Our Addons

  • One-player sleep, an Evercraft staple, will be making a return for season 5.
  • A new custom currency called Evercoin will be added. Evercoin can be earned by being online and actively playing the game, as well as at special events hosted by staff.
  • Evercoin can be spent at our custom wandering trader, the Evercoin Merchant. The merchant sells standard wandering trader items, mini-blocks, special rare items, and new custom loot crates based on various vanilla loot tables.

Our Vanilla Tweaks

All listed tweaks below are part of BedrockTweaks by DrAv, an unofficial port of VanillaTweaks.

Resource Changes

  • different stems
  • softer wool
  • red iron golem flowers
  • colorful enchanting table particles
  • unique dyes
  • darker dark oak leaves
  • circular log tops
  • clearer water
  • fancy sunflowers
  • shorter grass
  • shorter tall grass
  • lower grass
  • lower mycelium
  • lower grass paths
  • lower podzol
  • lower snow
  • lower crimson nylium
  • lower warped nylium
  • variated dirt
  • variated grass
  • variated cobblestone
  • variated bricks
  • variated birch logs
  • variated red mushroom blocks
  • variated end stone
  • variated gravel
  • variated mycelium
  • variated planks
  • variated terracotta
  • variated bookshelves
  • no cave sounds
  • age 25 kelp
  • hunger preview
  • sticky piston sides
  • directional hoppers
  • directional observers
  • compass lodestone
  • brewing guide
  • arabic numerals
  • tech set
  • unobtrusive particles
  • lower fire
  • lower shield
  • translucent pumpkin overlay
  • translucent spyglass overlay
  • translucent tooltips
  • dark ui
  • trading helper
  • piston inner fix
  • smoker bottom fix
  • redstone wire fix
  • consistent oars
  • cactus bottom fix
  • pixel consistent bat
  • pixel consistent ghast
  • pixel consistent elder guardian
  • pixel consistent wither
  • pixel consistent signs
  • pixel consistent experience orbs
  • pixel consistent beacon beam
  • pixel consistent guardian beam
  • soul soil soul campfire
  • blaze’s rods fix
  • nicer fast leaves
  • double slab fix
  • hoe fix
  • villager cloak fix
  • cat fix
  • Dark Numbered Hotbar
  • Unobtrusive Rain and Snow
  • Variated Stone and Unpolished Stones

Crafting Changes

  • back to blocks
  • dropper to dispenser
  • rotten flesh to leather
  • charcoal to black dye
  • coal to black dye
  • sandstone dyeing
  • straight to shapeless
  • blackstone cobblestone
  • powder to glass
  • more bark
  • craftable coral blocks 2×2
  • craftable coral blocks 3×3
  • craftable blackstone


  • afk display
  • pillager tools (admin utility)
  • anti creeper grief
  • anti enderman grief
  • anti ghast grief
  • double shulker shells
  • dragon drops
  • villager death messages
  • thunder shrine
  • kill empty boats (admin utility)
  • mini blocks

Minecraft 1.19

Notable Changes

  • Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons now spawn from light level 0 to 11 in the nether, which is wider range than before.
  • Several new crash fixes have been implemented.
  • Villagers shouldn’t get stuck on trapdoors now.
  • Ancient cities have been added deep underground, containing new unique loot and enemies.
  • The Deep Dark biome has been added to the absolute depths of the world, for those who dare to delve into the depths.
  • The Mangrove Swamp biome and a corresponding new tree & wood variant, mangrove trees, have been added.
  • A new set of enchantments, Swift Sneak 1-3, has been added. When applied to leggings, it makes you faster when sneaking based on the enchantment level. It is exclusively attainable in ancient cities.
  • Tadpoles, frogs, allays, and the warden have all been added as new mobs.
  • Packed mud and mud brick block and variants have been added.
  • Echo shards (found in ancient cities) can be used to craft a recovery compass, which will lead you to the exact location of your last death.
  • You can now combine a chest and a boat to transport items easily over water.

For more info, check out the update information here.