Everdark 2.0 Changelog

Everdark is a brutally difficult flavor of Minecraft designed with competitive and veteran players in mind. You are weaker, mobs are stronger, night never ends, natural regen is off, and many forms of automation from vanilla are not available. Exploration is more heavily rewarded, what foods you eat are more important, and the now-brutally-difficult mobs will have distinct strengths and weaknesses you must find to have a chance at survival.

To see the results from the Everdark Beta survey and how I plan to take action on the results, click here to skip to that section.

The Everdark addon is under continuous development and is expected to release in October 2022. It will initially launch as an online-only experience via the Everdark Realm, but the addon itself will be made available on, or shortly before, Halloween. As features are added, beta tested, and updated, this page will be updated as well.

Last Update: July 10th ’22

Player Tweaks

  • ❧ Walking now consumes a very small amount of hunger, similar to mining blocks.
  • ❧ Player walk speed has been reduced by 10% to encourage sprint usage.
  • ❧ Fist damage has been reduced to 0, players will require some type of tool to hit mobs.
  • ❧ Underwater air supply has been reduced from 15 to 8.

Loot Overhaul

Since villager trading, hoglin bartering, & many automated farms will be disabled on Everdark, I wanted to make sure players still had a way to obtain important items while also encouraging exploration and combat.

  • ❧ Added a “rare drop table”
  • ❧ Rare drop table includes:
    • – Mending/Unbreaking 3 Combo Books
    • – Mending Books
    • – Random “Treasure Books” (Can include curses, frost walker, mending, etc.)
    • – Notch Apples
    • – XP Bottles
    • – Ender Pearls
  • ❧ Gave the “standard” mobs (Skeles, Zombies, Creepers, & Spiders) a 5% chance for 1 roll on the Rare Drop Table when killed by a player directly
  • ❧ Adding Rare Drop Table rolls to other hostile mobs is WIP
  • ❧ Adding Rare Drop Table rolls to existing vanilla loot chests is WIP

Food Overhaul

Since natural health regeneration is off, I wanted to make hunger more important. Between the player tweaks listed above, and the following food tweaks, it is now much easier to starve. However with a bit of planning it’s even easier to stay well fed, and now you can benefit from some other cool effects as well!

  • ❧ All unprepared/raw foods now make you sick in some way. Most are relatively harmless.
  • ❧ Cookies can now be eaten even when full, like golden apples. You now eat cookies slightly faster than most foods. Cookies have a good chance to give a short speed boost, and a small chance to give a long sugar crash. Other values unchanged.
  • ❧ Apples can be eaten slightly faster than most foods, and now have slightly better saturation. Other values unchanged.
  • ❧ High quality foods (golden carrots, steaks, & porkchops) now provide a few seconds of regen. Other values unchanged.
  • ❧ All soups & stews (beetroot, mushroom, suspicious, & rabbit) now give better saturation, are eaten much more quickly than solid foods, and give a short Absorption boost. To balance this, they are still unstackable.
  • ❧ Sushi has been added to give more uses to dried kelp, dead clownfish, and dead pufferfish. They require a bowl, can stack up to 16, and can give some helpful effects. Beware though, the Fugu-sashi (prepared pufferfish) has a 2% chance to cause a very long poison effect. (Maybe keep some honey or milk nearby, eh?)

Hostile Overworld Mobs Overhaul

  • ❧ Creepers are much faster, have a much quicker fuse, detonate more strategically, and have a much larger, fiery, explosion.
    • Tip: Take them down with a bow before they see you! They can keep up with your sprint now, so throw in a bit of parkour for a quick escape.
  • ❧ Zombies have more health, are much much faster, and give a short wither effect on hit.
    • Tip: Use your shield wisely and don’t get outnumbered! They are very slow in water.
  • ❧ Drowned now swim terrifyingly quick, have more health, and can better track your movements in water. Baby drowneds even more so.
    • Tip: You cannot outrun these guys in water. To avoid them, use a boat and don’t look back! They are relatively weak on land.
  • ❧ Husks are WIP
  • ❧ Skeletons are WIP
  • ❧ Strays are WIP
  • ❧ Endermen are WIP

Hostile Nether Mobs Overhaul

  • ❧ Piglins will no longer barter with humans, or be distracted by gold armor or offerings. They will instead hunt you on sight, as a pack.
    • Tip: Try not to venture alone into a crimson forest.
  • ❧ Ghasts are now effectively a mini boss. They have 4 times more health, are more accurate, and their fireballs have much larger explosions.
    • Tip: Treat their fireballs like homing End Crystals. Avoid being level with the explosion at all costs, even in nice gear.
  • ❧ Instead of a 3-round burst, Blazes now attack with a flurry of 16 fireballs shot off in rapid fire. They can also track you from farther.
    • Tip: Use a shield and get in close, you can drop them before they can get a burst off, since their health hasn’t been buffed.
  • ❧ Wither skeletons are WIP
  • ❧ Magma cubes are WIP
  • ❧ Piglin brutes are WIP
  • ❧ Hoglins are WIP

Everdark BETA Info

The Everdark Beta ran from April 24th 2021 to May 27th 2021 and was based on the following concept:

Original Everdark BETA concept sheet

Everdark BETA Results


Everdark survey results
Based on user responses, Everdark 2 will likely run for 15-20 days.

User Experience

Everdark survey results
Everdark survey results
Everdark survey results
The average player found Everdark to be a 4.1/5 difficulty initially
Everdark survey results
The average player found Everdark to be a 2.63/5 difficulty after a while of playtime. This equates to an average of a 30% decrease in difficulty over about a month.


Everdark survey results
Overall, the safezone was well received, but I’m going to look into turning it off for individual players after X amount of play-time.
Everdark survey results
Border blocks will likely be used from Everdark 2 in lieu of the more janky command-block based solution use for the Beta.


Everdark survey results
On average players found creepers to be a 3.6/5 difficulty. To increase the difficulty slightly, creepers have had their fuses shortened and explosions made deadlier.
Everdark survey results
In the Beta, all skeletons were given swords and speed, effectively making them reskinned zombies. This concept is being abandoned entirely, and I will instead be buffing vanilla skeletons to make then shoot much quicker and track you from farther.
Everdark survey results
On average players found zombies to be 2.5/5 difficulty. Zombies were effectively just damage sponges. To increase the difficulty and variety, zombies will be made faster (think COD zombies speed), and each variant will have DoT effects. (Default = Decay, Husk = Fire, Drowned = Deadly Poison)
Everdark survey results
On average players found drowned to be 3.4/5 difficulty. However, this was due in large part to trident wielding drowned, who’s high accuracy coupled with the global hostile mob strength boost of the Everdark Beta, was incredibly powerful. Normal drowned however, were generally so non-threatening, some players said underwater felt like a safe zone. To address this, drowned have been made much faster when in water, will track players from farther, and can “feel disturbances in the water” (to simulate this, drowned can track players without seeing them first).
Everdark survey results
Overall players found ghasts to be a 2.6/5 difficulty. The results on this one are a bit skewed because the average player never made it to the Nether during the Beta. Since explosions were not affected by Strength, ghasts weren’t given any speed boost, & you generally don’t melee fight ghasts (hence no downside from weakness), they were effectively vanilla. The only thing that added to their difficulty was the lack of natural health regeneration players faced when fighting them. To address this, ghasts have had their aiming adjusted, and projectile speed changed so they are much more accurate now. In addition they have much more health and their projectile explosions are comparable to an End crystal or two.

More Suggestions

Oh boy can they swim now..
Yes, yes, and yes <3
Did someone say give endermen the same pack-AI wolves and piglins have?
No easy workarounds for the fearful XD
Piglins no longer care about your shinies
Fuck it, lets add some creepers (for warped forests)
Yep 😀

So now that you’ve seen the suggestions from Evercrafters during and following the Everdark BETA, do you have any suggestions of your own? If so, post them in the comments section down below!