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Thanks to the generous contributions from these amazing supporters, Evercraft is able to run on top of the line hardware, ensuring the best user experience. Thank you all so much for your support!

Special Thanks to…

Wystler, the mad tunneler

Harry, the tower wizard

Haley & Jess, the dynamic duo

Evan the jenius

Chase, the mad scientist

Chris, the film-maker

Nathan, the trickiest turtle

Sky, the viking

Magma, the architect

Gears, Mute, Penguin, & JustGotPOTG, the young’ins

Thom, the sassy one

Evo, the artsy

Gingee, the token ginger

Joe, BSavage, & Spikey from the MRP

CornerHard, the best MC dev

Pugmatt, for his amazing DNS service

Evercraft would not be where it is today without your help! Thank you so much 😀

From founding members, to helpful staff, advertising partners, to Mojang developers, everyone on this list has been an essential component of making Evercraft what it is today.

– Ethan