Craftable Blackstone for Minecraft Bedrock

With the 1.16 update Mojang added in pretty much everything you could want to live in the nether full time. They even included blackstone, a very dark version of cobble that can even be used in place of cobble in most recipes. One big issue: blackstone is not renewable. The answer: craftable blackstone.

Craftable Blackstone

I don’t know why Mojang chose to make such a beautiful and versatile block like blackstone, and model it after one of the most renewable blocks in the game, only to make it finite. Meanwhile basalt, which is weaker, has very few crafting uses, and is mostly useless outside of decor was made renewable.


This behavior pack adds simple recipes to make blackstone and gilded blackstone renewable in survival game-play. You can craft blackstone with basalt and coal or charcoal. If you want the elusive gilded blackstone, simply toss a gold block on the crafting table and surround it with blackstone.

I designed Craftable Blackstone for the Evercraft realm, and it is currently in use for our v3 world. It does not require experimental features, education edition, etc. It is still working on Realms as of 1.16.1


If you have a multiplayer world, this pack is especially useful since blackstone can quickly become a hot commodity as your community mines it up en masse to be used in builds. It can also be helpful in single player worlds if you plan to spend a significant amount of time in the nether, or perhaps even live there. Even if you just need a lot of blackstone for a mega build, this pack can come in handy.

Regardless of why you want/need renewable blackstone, there’s really no downsides with this pack. In my opinion this is a feature that should’ve been included, at least in some form, in the vanilla game. It’s compatible with everything, survival friendly, super lightweight (only 36KB), and easy to install.

We hope you enjoy this add-on, and be sure to keep an eye out for more in the future!