Author: Ethan

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PristineFrog joined our group at the begining of version 2, and has since climbed the ranks to Senior Mod. Check out some of his awesome videos here!

The Minecraft community has been asking for a cave update for so long, it has literally become a running meme among long time players. Here’s why I think we NEED a Cave Update next…

With the Nether Update here, Evercraft has transitioned to v3.1 This signifies a significant change in the plugins we use to run the realm. Here are the updates we’ve made…

This add-on adds simple recipes to make blackstone and gilded blackstone renewable in survival game-play. Blackstone can be made with basalt and coal or charcoal, and the gilded variant can be made with blackstone and a gold block.

Evercraft v2 had a great run with over 30 active members contributing countless amazing builds. Here are some of our favorite builds from the version.