Joining Evercraft – A complete guide for new SMP members

About Us

Evercraft is a Minecraft Bedrock group that formed in September of 2019. We originally recruited solely through reddit, and so many of our original members are from around the reddit communities like /r/MCPE, /r/MinecraftOne, and /r/Realms. Eventually we expanded our presence and started recruiting through our own website, Twitter, YouTube, and partnerships with other Discord servers.

Evercraft is like a nice Black Forest Cake, a tight community with a common interest, but everyone is the cherry on top.

– Evofyn

Today, Evercraft’s Discord has more than 160 members, and over 40 whitelisted players! We are an active community with a mostly 18+ player-base, though we have and do make exceptions for mature players between the ages of 13-18. Although we are based out of North America, we have members and staff from all around the world. We also have regular in game events to engage and immerse players.

The Joining Process

  1. Join the Evercraft Community Discord

    The first step to becoming an Evercrafter is to join our Discord community! Here you can learn more about us, check out our Content Spotlight to see the happenings around the server, read our rules, and apply to the whitelist. Most importantly: get to know your future server-mates!

  2. Level Up

    Before you can apply to the whitelist, you must reach Iron Miner rank in our Community Discord. Take this time to get to know people!

  3. Apply

    When you’re ready, type ?apply in our Discord you’ll be sent a link to our Google Form application. (You can only ever submit one application, so if you’re reapplying, just rejoin our Discord and contact ModMail.)

  4. Agree to The Rules

    If your application is accepted, you’ll be invited to our Whitelist Discord and given Applicant rank. Once you have your Applicant role, make sure to read and agree to our rules.

  5. Voice Chat Interview

    Every few days a member of staff will @ping all Applicants to let them know they are conducting open interviews. If you are proactive and make it to an interview as quickly as possible, it’s very possible to join the server within 36 hours of first submitting your application.

    The voice chat is significantly less formal than any normal interview you’ve probably ever participated in, and is mostly our way of the staff getting to know new players. If you seem to be missing our open interviews and it is taking longer than expected to get processed, please reach out to ModMail to set up a scheduled VC.

    Applicants with excellent applications may be eligible to skip the VC interview during periods of low staff availability.

  6. Community Vote

    After your VC interview, a staff member may put your application up for a community wide vote. Only whitelisted members who are active in the Discord are able to vote. Members will vote base on your application, and usually even more so, your activity within Discord. If people feel like they don’t know you yet, they will probably vote “No”, so be sure to talk to people!

    Applicants with excellent applications and/or interviews may be eligible to skip the community vote during periods of low community activity.

  7. Play!

    After your trials you’ll be given full build permissions in-game, and access to the rest of the Discord server. You’ll be free to explore, build, mine, shop, and play to your hearts content. Maybe take this time to check out your new Discord channels, and explore around the server.

About ModMail

Once of the major differences between Evercraft and other servers is our staff team. We are a pretty tight-knit server, and so we have a fairly large staff team for our size. Combined with the fact that we have staff around the globe, this means there is almost always someone knowledgeable to answer your questions.

For these reasons, we strongly encourage you to reach out to ModMail with any questions, comments, or concerns. Please avoid DMing or pinging individual staff members since there will probably be several other staff members who could help you sooner, who may even be appearing offline.

Additionally, since ModMail is handled through DMs, you can discuss things privately with staff, and even get help when you don’t have permission to talk in chat.

Words from Evercraft members…

Evercraft v3 - Tricky's City

I have been a part of Evercraft for around 4 months or so now and have greatly enjoyed the community. Its is mainly for 18+ with a few younger respectful individuals and I know I can safely record the chat while making Minecraft videos or not worry about any NSFW conversations/images showing while in the office. It has been a very respectful and growing community of likeminded individuals who delight in playing Minecraft (Bedrock) and socializing with each other.

– PristineFrog
Evercraft v3 - Gears' Mansion

The discord is well organized and active, very friendly. The server has amazing shops and builds with an A+ economy.

– GearsTheDorky

It’s been pretty fun getting to build and be a part of a community; I’ve enjoyed getting to see other people’s builds and be apart of an event! I like how the shopping center looks so quaint and cute. The server has been nice to meet people since I’m on mobile. And the lore interests me, but I don’t know what’s going to happen. Really curious to see how that turns out and what, if any, role I’ll be playing in it.

– Mumkenneth
Evercraft v1 - Greenstone at dusk

Honestly the Evercraft Community is one made of acceptance and friendship. As a relatively new player to Minecraft they have helped, taught and accepted me into the family with open arms. I count each and everyone of them as some of my best online friends!

– NavySpirit