v3.1 Update Changelog

With the Nether Update here, Evercraft has transitioned to v3.1 This signifies a significant change in the plugins we use to run the realm. Here are the updates we’ve made…


PortalWarden served it’s purpose of preventing the nether dimension from being generated before 1.16. Since the new nether is here, it has been disabled, allowing access to the nether.

Source: minecraft.net


Since spawning and despawning mechanics have been updated for parity with Java edition, our custom LagClear system is no longer necessary and has be decommissioned.

One Player Sleep

For v3.1 we has switched away from a command block module to FoxyNoTails’ One Player Sleep system. Using this behavior pack, one player is able to skip the night by sleeping, even with other players online. The advantage of switching to a behavior pack is that we can now sleep in beds normally and the system will trigger, whereas before it would only register if you were standing on your bed’s pillow when you clicked sleep.

Source: inzli.com/typfacemc

Wandering Traders

Our custom wandering trader add-on has been updated to have the following trades:

  • 1 diamond block for any music disc (Random, not including “Pigstep”)
  • 1 diamond block for a conduit
  • 1 diamond for 2 dragon’s breath
  • 24 diamonds for any skull (Random)
  • 1 diamond for 4 sponge
  • 1 diamond for 1 Totem of Undying
  • 1 diamond for 1 Notch Apple
  • (Rare) 10 diamond blocks for 1 nether star
  • (Rare) 4 diamond blocks for 1 elytra
  • (Rare) 1 diamond block for 1 diamond horse armor
  • (Rare) 10 diamond block for 1 netherite (Will be lowered soon)
  • (Rare) 5 diamond blocks for “Pigstep” music disc
Texture by emeraldgreen90

Craftable Blackstone

Our first publicly released custom plugin, Craftable Blackstone, makes blackstone a renewable resource. Simply craft it with basalt and coal.

Texture Tweaks

Better Hay – Vanilla hay bales have been replaced with fWhip’s hay texture from his Java texture pack.

Invisible String – A small tweak that reduces string opacity by 80%, rendering it effectively invisible. Useful for hidden more proofing or traps.

Custom Traders – Another texture port from a Java pack, we use the “Ex-Pillager Wandering Trader” texture by emeraldgreen90 to override the appearance of our custom wandering traders.