How to craft Hanging Signs & more in Minecraft 1.19

The experimental toggle “Next Major Update” released with Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.50 has added several new features to the game to give us a taste of what 1.20 has to offer. One of the most anticipated additions for builders has been the hanging sign variants. Read below to find out how to get them in your Minecraft world today!

Crafting Hanging Signs

Step 1: Turn on Experiments

This can be done easily on a new world, but can also be enabled on existing saves. If you enable this option on an existing save, it will create a copy of your world. In either case you will get a warning that enabling experiments can have unintended effects. There is a reason these features are behind an experimental toggle after all, so be sure to keep the original backup if you care about your world!

Step 2: Collect Wood & Iron

For all the hanging sign variants, you’ll need a bit of iron, and some stripped logs (or planks in the case of bamboo). These should be pretty easy to acquire — even early game — but if you plan on making a lot, maybe consider building an iron farm.

Step 3: Process Your Materials

If you haven’t already, go ahead and strip your logs with an axe. If you’re planning on crafting many hanging signs, consider stripping your logs before you cut them. For the chains, you’ll need an iron bar and 2 iron nuggets. You can craft 9 chains with 11 iron ingots and not have any nuggets left over. For bulk amounts, we recommend units of 18 chains/22 ingots that way you aren’t left with extra chains.

Step 4: Craft Your Signs

Each set of 6 hanging signs will use 6 stripped logs (or bamboo planks), and 2 chains. The recipe is shape is exactly what you’d expect, but we’ve included a screenshot below showing it as well.

More 1.20 features available in 1.19


This feature is pretty notable compared to the others since it’s not just another crafting recipe. It’s a whole new tamable neutral mob! You can find these fellas in any newly generated desert villages. Currently all camels seem to have identical stats, but this may change in the full update.

Bamboo block variants

Bamboo blocks are one of those features that just make sense. It doesn’t feel weirdly new when you try it because it feels like it always should’ve been there. This new wood-like palette will greatly expand options for builders, while also adding some great quality of life to survival since bamboo is highly renewable.

You can make just about anything with bamboo planks as you would with standard wood. From standard chests and crafting tables, to bamboo textured variants of stairs, doors, signs, fences, and more.

Chiseled bookshelves

Last but certainly not least is the chiseled bookshelf. This perfect compliment to your library builds will hold your books of all kinds. Whether you have a bunch or written lore books, or maybe some extra enchanted books lying around, these are perfect for you! Even if you don’t have important books to store, a partially filled one looks great for décor or to break up the repetition of a bunch of normal bookshelves.

You cannot currently build a chiseled bookshelf with bamboo planks, but we’re sure this is just a small “experimental mode” oversight that will be addressed before the full 1.20 update.