Everstart launches on January 7th, 2023

Everstart is our new take on Minecraft. With special game rules, and shorter, more frequent seasons, this is the perfect game mode if you love fast paced action!

Everstart Features

  • – Survival (Hard)
  • – 100% Vanilla
  • – Seasons will last 6 weeks each, then reset to a new world and seed.
  • – The End dimension will be unavailable until the start of week three.
  • – All PVP, raiding, griefing, & trickery is allowed after the start of week 6 (Purge week)
  • – A backup will be taken at the end of weeks 5 & 6 and made available for download, so you can see before and after the chaos.
  • – S1 seed will be selected by staff, but for future seasons, we’ll decide between several options via community vote.
  • – Players can expect the world border to be between 1-2k in diameter, so plenty of room to build… but not much room to hide.

If you’re interested in joining Everstart, apply on our Discord linked below. If you are already whitelisted on Evercraft, you are pre-approved! Just ask any staff member for an invite 🙂