Top 6 Tools for Running a Minecraft Bedrock Realm

Thinking of opening a Realm? Or maybe you already have one, but want to streamline or improve your Realm. Evercraft has been running on Mojang’s Realms for a total of about 2 years now, and these are the tools we’ve found that help the most…

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#6: Bedrock Viz

Bedrock Viz is a tool that parses Minecraft Bedrock Edition world files. It creates overview images from the world files, and reports lots of details on your world. It can also create a powerful Google Maps-like Web App for viewing your world.

Evercraft S5 Webmap
The Evercraft S5 webmap, generated using Bedrock Viz

This allows you to generate a helpful 2D webmap of your Realm. Though it is not a live render, like Dynmap for Java, it is still a very useful tool.

#5: Realms Playerlist Bot

This fairly simple Discord bot can be an invaluable resource for Realm operators. Returning a function to Realms that was removed long ago due to some obscure international privacy laws, Realms Playerlist Bot does just what it says on the tin. It gives you an easily searchable record of your Realm’s playerlist. Who was online, and when.

Discord activity log using Realms Playerlist Bot
Our activity log channel, powered by Realms Playerlist Bot

This bot is great for getting an idea of player activity, as well as narrowing down suspects of potential theft/griefing events. The free version gives you hourly updates to a designated Discord channel, but with thier premium bot, you can get notified down to the minute.

#4: Universal Minecraft Tool

UMT (formerly UME) is the go to tool for converting, managing, and editing Minecraft worlds. It works for both Java and Bedrock, but unfortunately, it is paid software. While UME was free to use, it no longer supports newer versions of the game and is unlikely to get any more updates.

Universal Minecraft Tool

UMT has powerful NBT viewing/editing capabilities that can allow you to see the contents of every inventory and echest on your Realm. It is also one of the most reliable tools available for converting worlds between Bedrock and Java editions.

UMT Alternatives

Shout out to the moderation team at /r/Realms and AvgZing who suggested several free alternatives to the features offered in UMT!

World Editing

AmuletAmulet is a program to externally modify Minecraft save files. This may be to fix a corrupt area of the world that stops the game from loading or to modify the terrain such as moving or copying builds. It aims to have similar functionality as MCEdit Unified and is able to edit the newer format worlds that MCEdit is not able to open.

NBT Editing

MCC Toolchest PEWhile this program no longer seems to be in active development, it still works well in modern versions of Minecraft and will allow you to view and modify any NBT data on your world, from turning achievements back on, to snooping through inventories and echests.

NBT StudioThis program isn’t yet as user friendly as MCC Toolchest PE, however it is still under active development. If you’re having any issues opening your world with MCC, NBT Studio is highly recommended since it has been updated with the latest protocol changes.

World Conversion

ChunkerChunker is a web-based Minecraft world converter. Its goal is to provide an easily accessible interface to convert worlds between Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition. Although advanced options and settings exist, most worlds will not require any changes to successfully convert from one edition to another.

#3: Realm Bot

This full featured Discord bot is the ultimate companion to your Realm. It allows you to create temporary Realm invites, remotely manage permissions, open/close your Realm, and much more!

Discord-based Realm Console using Realm Bot Premium
Our Realm Console, powered by Realm Bot (Premium)

Paying a few bucks a month unlocks thier premium bot that comes with a whole suite of extra functions, including automod functions for your Realm, and being able to use any operator commands from a pre-selected Discord channel.

#2: Foxynotail’s Pruning Tool

The easiest way I have found to ensure the longevity of a world-file and prevent corruption, is to keep the world-file as small as possible in the first place. The best way to do this, outside of just using a command or add-on based world border, is to decide on a specific boundary as group which you wont build outside of. For Evercraft, we usually use a border size of -2500, -2500 to 2500, 2500. You may decide on a much smaller or larger world size depending on your needs. Just keep in mind that while you can always expand your border, you can’t make it smaller without risking trimming users’ builds.

The GUI of Foxy's pruning tool
The GUI of Foxy’s pruning tool

Once you’ve decided on your “soft world-border” size, it’s as easy as downloading your world, opening it with Foxy’s Pruning Tool, plugging in the numbers, and pressing go. The tool will automatically chunk align your coordinates, trim everything outside the border, and optimize the world for you. After re-uploading your world and playing on it, the database will continue to optimize and you should see your world size reduce significantly.

#1: Discord

While this one may be obvious to many, I’d be remiss if I did not mention, in my opinion, the single most important tool for managing a Realm. For one, two of our previously listed tools require it to even function, but additionally Discord will give you a place for making official announcements, planning events, socializing in voice chat, organizing in forums, and so much more!

Discord Logo
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If you’re not already on Discord, you absolutely have to give it a try! If you are on Discord, but haven’t yet setup a server for your community, don’t wait any longer. It’s easier than ever to set up a server, and if you have any questions, there are thousand of hours of tutorials on YouTube!