Is your PS4/5 stuck on the red Mojang logo screen? Easy fix!

If you’ve ever had an issue with Minecraft on your Playstation not loading, and getting stuck on the red Mojang logo screen…

The red Mojang logo screen

…then this article is for you! Some people will suggest you back up all your saves, and delete Minecraft completely, then reinstall from a disc. Not only is that cumbersome, but it’s not an option for many users who bought the game digitally.

More than 300 people have confirmed they’re stuck on the Mojang logo screen on their bug tracker site. These numbers usually only represent a fraction of the user base since most users don’t report bugs. It seems this is one of the tops bugs plaguing the Bedrock edition of the game right now.

Fortunately, even though this bug hasn’t been patched out completely yet, Mojang has put out a hotfix that will allow you to fix it yourself!

How to fix the “Mojang logo screen” bug

  1. Update your Minecraft to or newer
  2. Launch Minecraft
  3. When the initial loading screen appears, hold the following buttons:
  4. Button combination is L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + OPTIONS + Touch Pad, and must be held until the initial splash screen is removed

Still having trouble?

As of the time this article is being released, this bug is still marked unresolved on Mojang’s website. If you still aren’t able to load into Minecraft using the fix above, then head over to the Mojang bug tracker, vote on the issue, and provide as much relevant information as possible.

Mojang uses these bug reports to help improve the game in future patches. If you want to help as much as possible, make sure not to open new reports for existing issues. Also be sure to provide details about your setup. Things like how you got the game (digital vs disc), what version you have, and other tech info is most helpful.

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