PristineFrog’s Evercraft Adventures

PristineFrog joined Evercraft at the beginning of our v2 launch. He originally joined through our sister realm, North Haven Forge, and was invited to Evercraft due to his contributions there. Pristine has since become a Senior Mod, and in his time with us has made countless amazing builds and contributions to the community.

PristineFrog base on Evercraft v3
A screenshot showing PristineFrog’s base on Evercraft v3

The playlist displayed above has been specially curated to document Pristine’s time with our group. It is in chronological order, features a tour of our v1 world, and detailed episodes from v2, as well as our current map v3 and even includes bonus episodes, and episodes from our sister realm North Haven Forge. If you are looking for a fun watch, start from the beginning and watch as Pristine’s videos develop over time. It’s really fun to watch as he grows more confident in a multiplayer setting, and develops close relationships with everyone on the realm.

About PristineFrog

Pristine’s videos are characterized by his down-to-earth vibe, and calm yet entertaining voice accompaniment. Pristine has a wide range of build styles he uses to his advantage including traditional, medieval, contemporary, spooky, and many more. He also frequently works on fun mega projects, like his massive map wall project. He has even organized a escape-room styled maze minigame, and has plans for more in the future.

PrisineFrog’s Map Wall Project on Evercraft v3

If you’re looking for a entertaining SMP to watch, give Pristine’s Evercraft Adventures a shot. Pristine also regularly covers general mobile gaming topics like Project xCloud, CoD Mobile, and other awesome projects. You can also find helpful tutorials for StreamLabs mobile, among other great content on his channel.

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